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2021 National Holidays in China

International students enjoy the same holidays as Chinese students does, but they have no holidays for other countries' anniversaries or traditional festivals. The students can see the holiday arrangement on university calendars. Please notice about specific holiday's arrangement. The international students please pay attention to the class timetable.


Beside the summer and winter holidays, the main China national holidays are as following:


Vacation  Schedule

Working  Day Shifting

Length  of holidays

New Year’s Day

Jan. 1st to Jan. 3rd


3 days

Spring Festival

Feb. 11th to Feb.17th

Feb. 7th and Feb.20th

7 days

Tomb-sweeping Day

Apr. 3rd  to Apr. 5th


3 days

May Day

May. 1st to May. 5th

Apr. 25th and May. 8th

5 days

Dragon Boat Festival

Jun. 12th to Jun. 14th


3 days

Mid-autumn Day

Sep.19th to Sep. 21st

Sep. 18th

3 days

National Day

Oct. 1st to Oct. 7th

Sep. 26th and Oct. 9th

7 days