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Double 11 for Entrepreneurship School of Cross-border E-commerce


Recently the media including People.cn, China.com.cn, Eol.cn, Zjol.com.cn, Sina.com.cn, Cnqjc.com have broadcast that our Entrepreneurship School of Cross-border E-commerce had turned Double 11 into the week of professional practice,which were titled respectively as “What should we do on Double 11 Day except shopping sprees?" "Double 11 is not only the day for shopping, but also the week of professional practice for ZISU’s students” “Students from ZISU’s School of Cross-border E-commerce become experts in e-commerce” , etc.


It's reported that on the evening of November 11, 44 students from School of Cross-border E-commerce were working hard in varied fields like customer service, storage, art designing, commercial planning, translation, commercial negotiation and so on. When “hands-chopping people” continued shopping sprees, these students passed the global shopping carnival in a special way.


The School transformed e-commerce companies into classrooms where students could practice what they had learned. This year, more than 60 companies from Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities have provided over 200 jobs. Through the School’s selecting and bilateral matching, 44 jobs from 22 companies finally became the “battlefield” for chosen students.


According to the course requirement, these students took up two-week practical training in these posts from November 7 to 18. Their supervisors in the companies would appraise and give them marks recorded into academic performance. The outstanding could extend their practical training into graduation practice and even sign an employment contract directly if both sides felt satisfied.

(English Press Corps  Bian Zichao  Liu Chuqi  Liao Jianhua)