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A Breakthrough in "SFLEP Cup" Teaching Competition


Recently, the high-profile national final of seventh “SFLEP Cup" college foreign language teaching contest was successfully ended in Shanghai. Wang Yiyin, a young teacher from School of Applied Foreign Languages of ZISU, won the first prize in the listening and speaking group. This is the best achievement ZISU foreign language teachers have achieved in the national teaching competition.

The teaching contest is jointly hosted by FLT Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education, College Foreign Language Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education and Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press. “SFLEP Cup” national college foreign language teaching contest is the largest, most influential and highest level teaching competition of Chinese foreign language education field, which manifests the highest level of university foreign language teachers in China. The contest has a huge role in promoting foreign language teaching in China, and it proved to be an important activity to cultivate excellent foreign language teachers and an important way to explore the foreign language teaching system with Chinese characteristics. The contest lasted for three days, and 58 division champions selected from more than one thousand universities nationwide will compete in two groups of audio-visual class and comprehensive class, and they will compete in the form of "teaching combined Q&A". The top ten in each group are qualified for the national final. The national final will take the form of "presentation combined Q&A", whose content is designated by the organizing committee. Finally one grand prize, two first prizes and six second prizes were awarded.