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ZISU signed a cooperation agreement with William Jessup University of America


On October 28th, President Hong Gang met Jack Johnson, president of William Jessup University fromAmericaand the provost Daniel Jameson, and signed a cooperation agreement with the guests.



William Jessup University complied with the educational concept of promoting high quality education instead of large scale education, and made full advantage of its unique geographical locations of locating in Silicon Valley and the capital of California state, and improved students’ practice effectiveness by promoting the construction of practical curriculum through university and enterprise cooperation. Hong Gang had fully appreciated those advantages. Hong Gang briefly introduced the general condition of ZISU and the general idea of constructing an internationalized University in the next five years. He pointed out that ZISU will make full advantage of its subjects and disciplines to contribute to the internalization of planning and construction of west science and technology corridor of Hangzhou as well as the internalization of the whole city. He hoped that both sides could promote the "2+2" "3+1" "3+1.5+0.5" credit mutual recognition or joint undergraduate-postgraduate project, in order to deepen exchanges and cooperation in the cultivation of applied talents, which meet regional economic and social development needs.


President Johnson highly recognized the significance of internationalization and practical ability cultivation in the training of future applied talents. He believed that the two universities enjoy many similarities in the development history, scale, disciplines construction and so on, he looked forward to the cooperation, and will make positive efforts to promote interaction between teachers and students of two universities.


Deputy Party secretary Zhao Fa and vice president Zhao Qingrong attended the meeting.